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A verandah is an open spot built in front or on the sides of a home or any structure. Verandahs are porches and are partly enclosed. The shaded outdoor spot just in front of the house can offer some extra space to place furniture and grow flowers in baskets or pots. Verandahs can be a good spot for entertainment and relaxation when it’s accessorized with stylish furniture and rocking chairs. You can choose the type of verandah depending on what you want to use it for e.g. external living room, recreation area or parking spot.

Types of Verandahs

  1. Flat roofed
    They are the easiest to construct and also the most versatile. They can be built in a way they fit and complement any type of building space and plan. They can be self-supporting or attached structures.
  2. Curved roofed
    They provide a neat and smooth canopy for the outdoor spot of the structures. They can be constructed to form a convex or concave shape and can be added to another verandah style such as the flat roofed.
  3. Bullnose roofed
    They are flat roofed with a curved end and add style to your entire home. They offer added protection to the entry way.
  4. Gable roofed
    They have a pitched roof exhibiting a nice inclined roofline. It provides a fine contrast to the existing roof line and can be combined with another verandah type.


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