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These are enclosed spaces that are energy efficient. They are built using materials that let in abundant amount of sunlight. They are unique in a way that they give an outdoor feel in the indoor space.

Sunrooms are mainly made of high quality glass thus enhancing the ability to be weather proof. They can either be used as a recreation or living space. It makes it possible to enjoy the weather whether on a rainy or sunny day hence enhancing the relaxing moments. They can be secluded or attached to the main house as an extension.

The sunrooms can be built in different styles using different materials such as having windows for the walls and roofing and transparent plastic for the walls. The rooms can be accessorized with couches and lovely furniture to make it cozy and welcoming.

Types of Sunrooms

  1. Pre-fab sunrooms

    These are sunrooms that are fabricate elsewhere and shipped in to the site preferred where it’s assembled.

  2. Site built sunrooms

    They are built on the site. The builders are able to construct the sunrooms in a way they match with the interior of the house and also blend with the exterior surrounding.


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