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Second Storey Additions

Adding a second floor to your home can be a costly venture on your wallet, your time and your home life.  But while it may seem like a drastic house expansion idea, the benefit of maximizing living space is a benefit most homeowners are willing to go through the trouble.  Multi-floor houses can also positively boost your house's net worth so it's also a good investment in the long run.

Points to consider with Second Story Additions:

  1. Consider first your reason why you need a second storey addition, more importantly when you are in a tight budget.  If you only a need an additional room or two and have ample lot space, consider remodeling instead which is a bit cheaper and less cumbersome than building a new floor.
  2. The second storey, especially above ground, will have an impact on the house's overall appearance so plan the addition carefully to ensure that the second story will complement the base floor in terms of functionality and design.  You can decide not to have the windows or the paint exactly like that on the lower floor, but try to make the stories' designs balance each other out in a pleasant way.
  3. An upper second storey is a bit more challenging to build than digging down because of the additional support needed for the structure to support the additional weight.  Planning with your engineer how to best add connections to the existing structural frame and its foundation to meet code requirements is important especially in old houses and disaster risk areas.
  4. Adding a new storey also opens the opportunity to add other home modifications such as repainting and redecorating, replacing and modifying existing pipeline systems and installing new insulation.  However, remember that this will entitle extra expense.  Of course, there are modifications that you cannot avoid when building second storey houses, such as adding a new roof or remodeling your chimney, so budget appropriately for these changes.
  5. Don't forget that some subdivisions have restrictions regarding how many stories you can add to your home and how high you can build your house.  Check with your local officials to more know about any possible limitations so that they won't be a problem later on.


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