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Screen Enclosures

An affordable and low maintenance way to keep the sun in and the air out, screen enclosures can be used on just about any surface to give you a sense of protection and privacy. It is also quick to install so it won't be a hassle home addition either. Common places you can use screen enclosures include inside your homes, on your patios or gazebos and in pool areas.

Kinds of Screens

  • Standard Screen
  • Mesh Pool Cage Screens: Keep your pool insect and falling leaves free.
  • Mesh Insect Screen: Finely designed mesh screen to provide you a clear view of the outdoors.
  • Heavy Duty Screens: Highly durable screens that afford extra protection from animals. An example of this would be Pet Screens.

Kinds of Screen Enclosures

  • 3 Sided Screen Enclosure: These screen enclosures can be easily attached to existing walls. These screens are usually seasonal, and can be removed for storage.
  • Screened Walls Only Enclosure: Ideal for enclosing your porch with screens, this type of enclosure is a growing popular choice for being both aesthetic and functional. In fact, you can install these screens by yourself provided that you have the right measurements and materials.
  • Gazebo Enclosure: This eye catching shape is an equally popular choice for some buyers. You can opt to buy it in different colors and styles, as well as choose either seasonal screen panels that you can put away or all season panels.
  • Shaped Enclosures:  These enclosures can come in square, rectangle, oval or oblong shaped barricades that vary in size, shape and even colors. Some of these screen enclosures are available in do it yourself kits.
  • Spa Enclosures: A type of screen enclosure that not only keeps the vermin, dirt and season elements out but also provide you with some privacy.

Benefits of having home screens

  • Expanded living space: By building a room with a screen enclosure, you can extend your living space without having to sacrifice you yard or garden space. Building screen enclosures are also cheaper than conventional room construction.
  • Keep the Vermin Out: Screen enclosures made from durable materials can keep pests and disease causing insects out of your homes without sacrificing the sunlight and fresh air. Some screen enclosures even afford protection from dangerous animals such as snakes and crocodiles.
  • Nice View: Screen enclosures are now made with fine materials so that your view won't be obstructed. You see only the view and not the screen.
  • Raises property value: Screen enclosures increase your home's value because of the above mentioned benefits, and also makes it equally appealing to buyers should you consider selling your home in the future.


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