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A pergola is a kind of gazebo where you can relax in the great outdoors and admire the beauty of your backyard. A well-chosen pergola can be a good complement to your home and garden and depending on your preferences, you can choose from several kinds of pergolas. Pergolas are best placed in open areas and preferably ones with access to scenery.

Types of Pergolas 

  1. Open Top Pergolas:
    These pergolas don’t have roofs. Instead they have wood panels running across the top where vines are often trained to grow to provide an ambiance of nature.
  2. Sail Pergolas:
    These pergolas make use of sails stretched overhead between posts for a roof.
  3. Gabled Pergolas:
    Gabled pergolas feature a ridged or peaked triangular roof. These pergolas make for an attractive design and allow better protection from the elements.
  4. Pitched Pergolas:
    Unlike gabled pergolas, instead of a perfect triangle their roofs are at a “pitched” or angled form, but they offer the same benefits and extra height.
  5. Cladded Pergolas:
    Pergolas can also be built with installed claddings such as steel, plastic and PVCs to form a roof. This is a break from the conventional idea of a pergola wherein practicality is favored over design.


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