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Factory Renovations

Factory Renovations is a great method of improving your employees' working conditions and making your factory a safe place to work. The objective of the renovation is to assist factories build systems to boost their productivity while also strengthening workplace relations. It also offers business services that link high quality labour practices and good management.

Factory Renovations entail improving quality and reducing rates of defects by over 50%. It aims at conserving energy by upgrading their production equipment to increase their output.

Renovations contribute to a safe and healthy working environment. Factory Renovations is one way of complying with National Building Standards and improving labour practices.

Factories are able to put into practice and uphold practical improvements to their working conditions competitiveness, and environmental impact. Factory Renovations are intended for small and medium-sized manufacturing facilities and can be put into operation in a variety of sectors.

Why choose Factory Renovations?

  • It improves working conditions of employees
  • The renovation process targets at increase of employees' productivity by providing a good working environment
  • Factory Renovations strengthen the structure of the building
  • Purchase of new production equipment that is energy efficient helps save cost on utility bills
  • Factory Renovations help in saving future occasional repair and maintenance costs. The maintenance can be expensive especially when ignored or deferred too long
  • Renovating your factory will save maintenance costs for several years
  • A factory with strong structures is one of the ways to comply with National Building Codes, regulation and standards
  • Renovations make your factory safer for working
  • It creates space for additional production equipment in the future


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