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These are fabricated structures specifically installed for sheltering vehicles. They can be free standing or attached to a wall. The carports can either be built in front of the house, on its backyard or side way. It offers additional storage area and a covered packing. It is not enclosed, thus enabling proper ventilation for the cars, unlike the garage. It is a shade that protects the cars from the effects of the sun, UV rays and bird droppings. It also protects them from the rain, heavy wind, snow, ice and hail.Carports can be made of wood or metal with the desired roofing style.

Types of Carports

Waterproof carports

  1. They keep the cars dry on a rainy day and prevent the toxic substances in the rain that makes the original color to fade off.
  2. Protects them from the UV raysharmful to the exterior of the vehicles.

Non waterproof carports - These are installed in areas with high temperatures and humidity.

  1. They do not retain the hot air as they are made of a breathable fabric that lets the hot air to pass through. Therefore, it ensures safety of the interior of the car by preventing the dashboard from cracking that is caused by hot air.
  2. They protect cars from the harmful UV rays.


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